Vince Murphy

Coastal Resilience Coordinator, Town of Nantucket

Vincent Murphy is the Coastal Resilience Coordinator with the Natural Resources Department, Town of Nantucket. Vince is a former Environmental Consultant, has a an M.Sc in Ecosystem Conservation and Landscape Management from University College Cork, Ireland, and is now and proud Irish-American. He has lived in several parts of Europe and north America including Ireland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Finland and Arizona before settling on Nantucket with his family. For 7 years Vince worked as an environmental consultant in Ireland, which involved surveying for sensitive habitats and species prior to site developments. As plans developed, his consultancy was also involved overseeing project implementation and insuring projects maintained environmental regulation compliance. His time and experience of environmental practices in these varied countries, most notably including Netherlands and their flooding issues has given him the required experience to work on flooding and erosion issues on Nantucket.

Vince is the staffer for the Coastal Resilience Advisory Committee (CRAC). Vince as the Coastal Resilience Coordinator and with direction and assistance from CRAC will develop and implement the Coastal Resilience Plan to alleviate flooding and erosion in the coastal zones around the Island in the face of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise.