Nantucket Preservation Symposium Workshop

Architecture • Interiors • Historic Landscapes

Wednesday Evening, June 6, 2018 & Thursday, June 7, 2018

Photo by Garth Grimmer,

I do not think there is a town center anywhere in America more beautiful than Nantucket, and more powerful as a statement of the idea of community, the idea of buildings working together to make a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts…

Paul Goldberger
Architectural Critic and
2017 Symposium Keynote Speaker

Nantucket— home to the great global whaling fleet of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century — retains one of the world’s finest assemblages of American architecture. Its economic success created an opportunity for extreme wealth that rapidly declined with the end of the whale-oil industry in the 1850s. Today this rich past is reflected in one of the best-preserved towns in America retaining a remarkable collection of historic sites and residential interiors—all in a unique setting—that together provide an ideal classroom.

Please join the Nantucket Preservation Trust for an evening welcome reception and one-day symposium workshop as we explore Decisions in Preservation: Understanding, Repairing and Preserving Historic Nantucket Houses. The program will include behind-the-scene tours of the island’s private homes, and unique lectures by leading historians, preservationists, and craftsmen.

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